A creatively inclined soul, such as Tracy Hellenbrand’s, needs to be in a creative environment. As a Boston, Massachusetts native, Tracy Hellenbrand finds that she flourishes in the historical, culture-rich city. A librarian with artistic talents, Tracy Hellenbrand has a variety of interests to keep her busy. Tracy Hellenbrand brings many skills to her role as librarian at one of Boston’s many public libraries. Her tenacity and determined character make it easy for Tracy Hellenbrand to deal with the many responsibilities that come her way. Tracy Hellenbrand is in charge of putting together many events, and her favorite is Banned Book Week, which she has been in charge of for the past five years.

Tracy Hellenbrand earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature in the early 90s. After spending a year studying in England, Tracy made the decision to enroll in a Master of Library Science program, so she could spend the majority of her time in one of her favorite places: the library. Tracy Hellenbrand is also gifted artistically and can be found sketching and painting when she is not at work. Believing her best work comes from reality, Tracy Hellenbrand bases much of her work on the people and animals that surround her every day. Someday, Tracy Hellenbrand hopes to work as a freelance illustrator for children’s books.

In her leisure time, Tracy Hellenbrand loves to read the works of authors, such as Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, and Thomas Hardy. Tracy Hellenbrand also greatly admires the artistic talents of Gris Grimly and Shel Silverstein. A lifelong Red Sox fan, Tracy Hellenbrand also frequents Fenway Park during baseball season.